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However Improbable - Contents

However Improbable: The Magazine of the Anglia Paranormal Research Group

During 1996 and 1997 I co-edited a quarterly magazine for the Anglia Paranormal Research Group called However Improbable (reflecting my interest in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), of which I think six issues appeared; I have contributions I wrote for a seventh but do not have a hard copy and suspect it was never published. My fellow editor - we were also co-coordinators of APRG - was Andy Waters who, as well as writing for it, organised the layout and artwork of the A4 publication, and arranged printing (therefore working far harder on the project than I did).

As only a handful of people will have seen the magazine, our group not being exactly huge, I thought I would reproduce my contributions, including for the missing seventh, with first a listing of the magazine’s contents. The numbering system is exactly as described on the cover of each issue and my contributions reproduced in the following posts are as they appeared in the magazine. I'm afraid that I cannot include other content because of copyright issues.

Issue 01, Spring 1996

p.2 ‘Editorial: Issue One’, by Tom Ruffles
pp.2-3 ‘St Botolph, Skidbrooke: An Investigation’, by Andy Waters
pp.3-4 ‘Norwich Tales’, by Lisa Lemmon
p.4 ‘A Cambridge Ghost’, by Name & address supplied
p.4 ‘The Psi Researcher: Back issues’, by Tom Ruffles
p.5 ‘Recount (sic) of a dream’, by Carmen Willcox
pp.5-6 ‘Survival Pact Scheme’, by Tom Ruffles
p.6 ‘A simple experiment’, by Tom Ruffles
p.6 ‘Competition corner’
pp.6-7 ‘The Crosskeys Hotel, Chatteris’, by Lisa Lemmon
pp.7-8 ‘A Supernatural Calendar’, by Andy Waters

Volume One Issue 02, Spring/Summer 1996

p.2 ‘Editorial: Issue 02’, by Andy Waters
pp.2-3 ‘Black Dogs’, by Tom Ruffles
p.3 ‘Figures in the Dark!’, by Lisa Lemmon
p.4 ‘Book Review’ (Test Your Psychic Powers: Find Out the Truth for Yourself, by Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis), by Tom Ruffles
pp.4-5 ‘My First Vigil!’, by Darren Hitchings
pp.5-6 ‘The Oldest Swinger in Town!’, by Andy Waters
p.6 ‘Caption Competition’
pp.6-8 ‘A Supernatural Calendar’ [Andy Waters]
p.8 ‘A Gloucestershire Road Ghost’, by Polly Draper [lifed from website of Chris Romer]

Volume One Issue 03, Autumn/Winter 1996

p.3 ‘Editorial: Issue 03’, by Andy Waters
pp.2-3 ‘Book Review’ (The Supernatural A-Z: The Truth and the Lies, by James Randi), by Tom Ruffles
p.3 ‘Black Dog Update’, by Tom Ruffles
pp.3-4 ‘Vigil Report, by Andy Waters
pp.4-5 ‘Book Review’ (Are You Psychic?, by Hans Eysenck and Carl Sargent), by Tom Ruffles
p.5 ‘Fishy Goings On’, by Fiona Ruffles
p.6 ‘Coincidences’, by Tom Ruffles
p.6 ‘A Spirited Halloween’, by Andy Waters
pp.6-7 ‘Norfolk Lecture Series’
p.7 ‘Caption Competition’
pp.7-8 ‘You want to be a what?’ [article lifted from Ghostbusters website]

Volume One Issue 04, Winter 1996/Spring 1997

p.2 ‘Editorial: Issue 04’, by Tom Ruffles
p.2 ‘More Co-incidences’, by Sandra Blake (Mrs)
p.2 ‘Haunting Database’, by Andy Waters
p.3 ‘A Readers (sic) Experience’, by Name & address supplied
pp.3-4 ‘Book Review’ (The Enigma of Borley Rectory, by Ivan Banks), by Tom Ruffles
p.4 ‘Black Dogs (again!)’, by Tom Ruffles
pp.4-5 ‘The Vanishing Abbot’, by David Sivier
p.5 ‘Membership Subscriptions’
p.6 ‘Caption Competition’
p.6 ‘Society for Psychical Research’, by Tom Ruffles
p.6 ‘Remote Viewing Competition’, by Tom Ruffles
p.7 ‘Book Review’ (Haunted Ely, by Vivienne Doughty), by Tom Ruffles
p.7 ‘A Haunted Theatre?’ by Name and address supplied
pp.7-8 ‘Book Review’ (In Search of the Light: The Adventures of a Parapsychologist, by Susan Blackmore), by Tom Ruffles
p.8 ‘A Concise Survival Guide’ [article lifted from internet]

Volume Two Issue 01, Summer 1997

p.2 ‘Editorial: Issue 05’, by Andy Waters
p.2 ‘Membership Subscriptions
pp.2-3 ‘Fake or Fact?’, by Lisa Lemmon
p.3 ‘Caption Competition’
pp.3-4 ‘Materialization: Fact or Fiction?’, by Tom Ruffles
p.4 ‘Remote Viewing Experiment’, by Tom Ruffles
p.5 ‘Book Review’ (Deliverance: Psychic Disturbance and Occult Involvement, 2nd edition, by Michael Perry), by Tom Ruffles
pp.5-6 ‘From the Archives (No 1), by Tom Ruffles
pp.6-8 ‘Research Questionnaire’ [responses to questionnaire circulated to leading figures in the field]
p.8 ‘Haunted Norwich’, by Lisa Lemmon
p.8 ‘Black Dogs’, by Andy Waters
p.8 ‘For Sale’

Volume Two Issue 02, Autumn 1997

p.2 ‘Editorial: Issue 05’, by Andy Waters
p.2 ‘Putting the Chronic in Chronicles of the Paranormal’, by Tom Ruffles
pp.2-3 ‘Funny Peculiar’, by Lisa Lemmon
pp.3-4 ‘Book Reviews’ (Guidelines for Extrasensory Perception Research, by Julie Milton and Richard Wiseman and Adventures in Time: Encounters with the Past, by Andrew MacKenzie), by Tom Ruffles
p.4 ‘Competition Results’
pp.5-8 ‘Borley Rectory Six Decades Later’, by Vincent O’Neil – Son of Borley
p.8 ‘Spirit hands: A request for Information’, by Tom Ruffles