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N.B. The Society for Psychical Research website was updated in the summer of 2016.  Book reviews (though not news items, which have been deleted) I had written for the previous one have been transferred, but the URLs are different so I have removed the old ones here.  The book reviews can be accessed by going directly to the SPR website (still  A few of these, to my mild annoyance, do not have my byline attached.

The nthposition website has been deleted in its entirety so the articles which appeared on it are no longer available.  I am gradually making my 40 or so contributions (many were reviews which appeared in shorter form in Fortean Times) available on my Joy of Mere Words blog.


Ghost Images: Cinema of the Afterlife. Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland, 2004.


A Psychical Research/Fortean:

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     and Zofia Weaver, ‘New SPR Website’, The Paranormal Review, Issue 44, October 2007, pp. 32-33.

‘The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall – Re-examination of a Classic Ghost Photograph and a Possible Explanation’,, posted 17 June 2017, first posted as ‘The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall’ on nthposition website, January 2009 (revised).

B Media

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‘A Canterbury Tale of Town and Country Folk’, Scribd,, posted October 2011. Posted on,,14 December 2014


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Reviews [book reviews unless noted otherwise]

A Psychical Research/Fortean:

Untitled radio review [review of Invasion of the Mindsnatchers], Newsletter of the Society for Psychical Research, No. 28, January 1989, p. 5. (included on 8 April 2010)

‘”Margery” Revisited’ (Radio 4, 30/9/89) [review of The Witch of Beacon Hill], British and Irish Skeptic, Vol. 3, No. 5, September/October 1989, p. 25 [radio review]. (included on 12 April 2010)

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‘Photography and Spirit’, by John Harvey, nthposition,, December 2007.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘A Case of Afterlife Imitating Art’, Fortean Times, No.232, February 2008, p. 63.

‘Laboratories of Faith’, by John Warne Monroe, nthposition,, February 2008.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘Unorthodox Beliefs’, Fortean Times, No. 234, April 2008, p. 62.

‘I am Houdini! And you are a fraud!’ [review of Houdini Speaks Out: “I am Houdini! And you are a fraud!”, by Arthur Moses], nthposition,, March 2008.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘The Medium Menace’, Fortean Times, No.235, May 2008, p. 61.

‘Victor Hugo’s Conversations with the Spirit World’, by John Chambers, nthposition,, March 2008.  Reprinted in shorter form in Fortean Times, No.236, June 2008, p. 60.

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‘Six Feet Over’, by Mary Roach, nthposition,, May 2008.

‘Ghosts of Futures Past’, by Molly McGarry, nthposition,, August 2008.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘The Radical Spirits’ in Fortean Times, No.240, September 2008, p. 60.

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‘Spiritualism and Women’s Writing’ [review of Spiritualism and Women's Writing:
From the Fin de Siècle to the Neo-Victorian
, by Tatiana Kontou], nthposition,, May 2010.

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‘The Essential Ida Craddock’ [review of Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock, by Vere Chappell], nthposition,, December 2010.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘Blithe spirit’s missus’, Fortean Times, No. 271, February 2011, p. 65.

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‘Melchior Joller and the Stans Poltergeist’ [essay review of Haunted House in Switzerland, directed by Volker Anding], Scribd,, posted January 2012, revised June 2012.  Posted on,, 14 December 2014 [DVD review]

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     and Alexandra Nagel, ‘Wolf Messing: The True Story of Russia’s Greatest Psychic’, by Tatiana Lungin, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Vol. 79 (No. 918), January 2015, pp. 41-4.

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B Media:

‘Metaphysical media: The Occult Experience in Popular Culture’, by Emily D. Edwards, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Vol. 70.4 (No. 885), October 2006, pp. 237-40.

‘Phantasmagoria’ [review of Phantasmagoria: The Secret Life of the Magic Lantern, by Mervyn Heard],  nthposition,, January 2007.

‘Hexen 2039’, by Suzanne Treister, nthposition,, May 2007

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‘Black and White and Blue’ [review of Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR, by Dave Thompson], nthposition,, September 2007.

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‘The Education of the Eye’ [review of The Education of the Eye: History of the Royal Polytechnic Institution 1838-1881, by Brenda Weeden], nthposition,, January 2009.  Reprinted in shorter form as ‘Pretty Poly’, Fortean Times, No. 247, April 2009, p. 62.

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C Science:

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D Fiction:

‘The Seance’, by John Harwood, nthposition,, May 2008 [novel review].

Lecture Reports

‘Anatomy of a Psychic Fraud’/’Cerdic the Saxon’, The Psi Researcher, No. 3, October 1991, pp. 16-17.

‘Psi in History’/’Fiction or Fact’, The Psi Researcher, No. 4, Winter 1992, pp. 17-19.

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‘Study Day No. 65: Historical Aspects of Psychical Research and Its Links with Established Science’, The Paranormal Review, No. 67, July 2013, pp. 20-23.

Local paranormal group magazines

‘The Role of the Case Officer’/‘Local Ghosts’/’SPR Regional Study Day No. 2’, ESPRI (East Anglian Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation) Newsletter, Issue 01, Winter 1994. (included on 15 March 2010)

‘Editorial’/’Survival Pact Scheme’/‘A Simple Experiment’, However Improbable (magazine of the Anglia Paranormal Research Group), Issue 01, Spring 1996. (included on 14 February 2010)

‘Test Your Psychic Powers’ [review of Test Your Psychic Powers: Find Out the Truth for Yourself, by Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis]/’Black Dogs’, However Improbable, Issue 02, Spring/Summer 1996. (included on 14 February 2010)

‘The Supernatural A-Z’/’Are You Psychic?’ [reviews of The Supernatural A-Z: The Truth and the Lies, by James Randi, and Are You Psychic?: Tests & Games to Measure Your Powers, by Hans Eysenck and Carl Sargent]/’Black Dog Update’/’Coincidences’, However Improbable, Vol. 1, Issue 03, Autumn/Winter 1996. (included on 14 February 2010)

 ‘Editorial’/’The Enigma of Borley Rectory’, by Ivan Banks/‘Haunted Ely’, by Vivienne Graham and Margaret Haynes/’In Search of the Light: Adventures of a Parapsychologist’, by Susan J. Blackmore [book reviews]/‘Black Dogs (again!)’/‘Remote Viewing Competition’, However Improbable, Vol. 1, Issue 04, Winter 1996/Spring 1997. (included on 14 February 2010)

‘Materialisation: Fact or Fiction?’ [lecture report]/’Remote Viewing Experiment’/‘Deliverance: Psychic Disturbance and Occult Involvement’, by Michael Perry [book review]/‘From the Archives (No. 1)’, However Improbable, Vol. 2, Issue 01, Summer 1997. (included on 14 February 2010)

‘Guidelines for Extrasensory Perception’, by Julie Milton and Richard Wiseman/‘Adventures in Time: Encounters with the Past’, by Andrew MacKenzie [book reviews]/‘Putting the Chronic in Chronicles of the Paranormal’/‘Spirit Hands: A Request for Information’, However Improbable, Vol. 2, Issue 02, Autumn 1997. (included on 14 February 2010)

The Society for Psychical Research website

Zofia Weaver and Tom Ruffles, ‘Pictures from the Joint PA/SPR Conference, with photos by Barrie Colvin and Tom Ruffles’ [short illustrated 2008 conference report], posted September 2008.

‘Study Day No. 56, 25 April 2009: Report by Tom Ruffles. Photographs by Tom Ruffles and Barrie Colvin [short illustrated study day report], posted May 2009.

‘Hayton on Homicide’ [theatre review], posted July 2009. (included on 29 January 2010)

‘The Hidden Whisper’, by J. J. Lumsden [book review], posted September 2009.

‘Report on SPR Conference, September 2009’ [short illustrated conference report], posted October 2009.

‘Study Day 58: Poltergeist Outbreaks: Then and Now’ [illustrated study day report], posted November 2009.

‘Regional paranormal guides from Amberley Publishing’ [book review of Haunted Pubs of the South West, by Ian Addicoat, Paranormal Dorset, by Roger Guttridge, Paranormal Hertfordshire, by Damien O’Dell, Paranormal South Tyneside, by Michael J. Hallowell, Paranormal North East, by Darren W. Ritson], posted January 2010.

‘The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters with The Paranormal’, by Michelle Belanger [book review], posted January 2010.

‘Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What’, directed by Renée Scheltema [DVD review], posted February 2010.

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‘Paranormal Brighton and Hove’, by Janet Cameron [book review], posted April 2010.

‘Supernatural North’, by Darren W. Ritson [book review], posted April 2010.

‘Erlendur Haraldsson to receive Myers Memorial Medal’ [unsigned news item], posted April 2010.

‘Study Day 59: Healers and Healing’ [illustrated study day report], posted April 2010.

‘Frederic Myers and the Perfect Case. Myers Memorial Lecture given by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson’ [lecture report], posted July 2010

‘Electricity of the Mind: The Anomalist 14’, by Ian Simmons (ed.) [book review], posted July 2010

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     and Zofia Weaver, ‘Report on SPR Conference, September 2010’ [conference report], posted November 2010.

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‘Books on the murals of Northern Ireland/North of Ireland’ [The Belfast Mural Guide, by Rab Kerr; Drawing Support: Murals in the North of Ireland, by Bill Rolston; Drawing Support 2: Murals of War and Peace, by Bill Rolston],, posted 26 March 2018.

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‘Survival?: Death as a Transition, by David Lorimer’,, posted 11 June 2018.

Romanian Notebook

[This blog contains notes on my miscellaneous reading and viewing about Romania.  Only more significant items are recorded here.]

‘The Lucky Mill, by Ioan Slavici’,, posted 7 May 2018, first posted on the Joy of Mere Words, 14 November, 2017 [fiction].

‘Along The Enchanted Way: A Romanian Story, by William Blacker’,, posted 7 May 2018, first posted on The Joy of Mere Words, 21 February 2018 [non-fiction].

‘Wild Carpathia’,, posted 15 May 2018 [documentary film].

‘The “Haunted” Hoia-Baciu forest, Transylvania’,, posted 28 May 2018 [article].

‘Romania in Bulgaria’,, posted 30 May 2018 [article].

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Film reviews for the Cambridge Film Festival 2003 website (included on 14 January 2010)

‘Goodbye Lenin’, ‘Extrano’, ‘Chronicle of the Years of Fire’, ‘Dennis Hopper (Create or Die)’, ‘Battle for Our Soviet Ukraine’/‘Victory on the Right Bank’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘Petite Coupures’, Aerograd, ‘Ivan’, ‘Farewell America’, ‘Zvenigora’, ‘Arsenal’, ‘Ma Vie’, ‘Blindspot’, ‘Buffalo Soldiers’, ‘Love Berry’, ‘Diplomatic Pouch’, Victoria Guerin’.

Film reviews on LoveFilm website (included on 2 March 2010)

‘The Lodger – A Story of The London Fog’ (posted 6 September 2006); ‘Mouchette’ (posted 2 October 2006); ‘It’s a Grand Life’ (posted 21 February 2008); ‘Yella’ (posted 21 February 2008); ‘Russian Ark’ (posted 13 August 2009).


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‘Report of the Library Committee’, Annual Report and Statement of Accounts of the Society for Psychical Research, 1 October 2016-30 September 2017, p. 7 [published April 2018].

Previously unpublished items posted on

‘Ghostwalk’, by Rebecca Stott [novel review], posted 10 January 2010

‘St. Francisville Experiment’, directed by Ted Nicolaou [film review], posted 11 January 2010

‘Skepticism – 1895 Style’ [short article], posted 5 February 2010

‘An Evening of Clairvoyance in Peckham’ [short article], posted 5 February 2010

‘Models of the Mind’ [lecture report], posted 5 February 2010

‘Group Polarisation and UFOs [article], posted 8 February 2010

‘However Improbable Vol. 2 Issue 3’, ‘Editorial’/’From the Archives: No. 2’/Reviews of  The True History of Pepper’s Ghost: A reprint of the 1890 edition of A True History of The Ghost and All About Metempsychosis, by John Henry Pepper/Cinematic Hauntings, by Gary J. And Susan Svehla (eds.)/ The Mind of Edmund Gurney, by Gordon Epperson/Hamlyn History: Supernatural, by Karen Farrington [magazine contributions], posted 14 February 2010

‘The Scole Experiment’, by Grant and Jane Solomon [book review], posted 15 February 2010

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser’, directed by Tim Doiron and April Mullen [film review], posted 4 March 2010

‘Study Day Talk – Spontaneous Experiences: Vital Data or Pointless Anecdotes?’ [text of talk], posted 19 March 2010

‘Weighing the Soul – Comments on “Body and Soul”, by Paul Chambers’ [criticisms of Fortean Times article], posted 29 April 2010

‘Tony Cornell and the Cambridge Cinema Ghost Experiment’ [short article], posted 15 May 2010, updated 13 September 2010.

‘Tales of Terror – A Review’ [theatre review], posted 4 June 2010

‘Tony Cornell: An Appreciation’ [reminiscences], posted 21 June 2010.

‘This Life, Next Life: Evidence for the Afterlife’, directed by Keith Parsons [DVD review], posted 30 July 2010, updated 21 June 2015, 25 August 2015.

‘Jack the Ripper: The Casebook – A review’, by Richard Jones [book review], posted 7 September 2010.

‘Eleanor Sidgwick and her Doctorates’ [article], posted 12 October 2010.

‘Hiding the Elephant – A review’, by Jim Steinmeyer [book review], posted 16 November 2010.

‘From Magic Lantern to Movies: The Optical Magic Lantern Journal 1889 – 1903 – A review’ [review of digitised magazine collection], posted 11 December 2010.

‘This Record is not to be Broadcast – A review’ [CD review], posted 21 January 2011.

‘Hereafter – A review’, directed by Clint Eastwood [film review], posted 7 February 2011.

‘Visions of Bowmen and Angels: Mons 1914’, by Kevin McClure [book review], posted 31 March 2011.

‘The Haunting of Willington Mill – A review, by Michael J. Hallowell and Darren W. Ritson [book review], posted 4 May 2011.

‘Laura Smith, Film Pioneer’ [short article], posted 9 June 2011.

‘Memories of the Harry Price Library’ [short article], posted 20 June 2011.

‘The Martyrs’ House, Walsingham, Norfolk’ [report], posted 30 August 2011.

‘Real Dracula’ [theatre review], posted 21 September 2011.

‘The Scole Report 2011 Reissue’ [article], posted 22 October 2011.

‘The Awakening: A solid ghost story’, directed by Nick Murphy [film review], posted 20 November 2011.

‘The Cambridge Curry Club: Rather bland’, by Saumya Balsari [book review], posted 24 November 2011.

‘The Rabbi’s Spell: A Russo-Jewish Romance’, by Stuart C. Cumberland [book review], posted 24 November 2011.

‘A Hankering after Ghosts: Dickens and the Supernatural’ [exhibition review], posted 6 December 2011.

‘The Judge’s Robe: A Victorian Ghost Story’ [theatre review], posted 10 December 2011.

‘The Narrative of John Smith, by Arthur Conan Doyle’ [book review], posted 17 December 2011.

‘On Conan Doyle, or The Whole Art of Storytelling, by Michael Dirda’ [book review], posted 1 January 2012.

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‘Ghostly Guitars’ [article], posted 6 February 2012, updated 2 December 2015.

‘The Death of Poor Joe – The earliest surviving Dickens film?’ [article], posted 13 March 2012, revised 6 December 2012.

‘Some Reflections on “Some Reflections on the Loss and Return of a Small Harp”’ [article], posted 11 April 2012.

‘Supernatural Cumbria, by H C Ivison, and Paranormal Cumbria, by Geoff Holder’ [book review], posted 24 April 2012.

‘Baskerville, by John O’Connell’ [book review], posted 12 May 2012.

‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’, directed by Lorene Scafaria [film review], posted 3 July 2012.

‘We Bury our Own, an exhibition of work by Christian Thompson’ [exhibition review], posted 16 July 2012.

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‘Polar Dreams, Ghosts and Psychics, a talk by Shane McCorristine’ [lecture report], posted 2 November 2012.

‘”Dangerous Work”: Diary of an Arctic Adventure, by Arthur Conan Doyle’, edited by Jon Lellenberg and Daniel Stashower [book review], posted 14 January 2013.

‘The Mummy’s Curse: The True History of a Dark Fantasy’, by Roger Luckhurst [book review], posted 11 February 2013.

‘Jo Shapcott and Erebus at the Polar Museum’ [event report], posted 2 March 2013.

‘Whitstable, by Stephen Volk’ [book review], posted 18 March 2013.

‘The Kuhnexus CaseBase: Would it Help to Usher in a New Paradigm?’ [article], posted 20 March 2013.

‘Creakers, by Paul Kane’ [book review], posted 22 March 2013.

‘Sherlock Holmes: Past and Present’ [short conference report], posted 24 June 2013.

‘The Imitation Game, Alan Turing, and the Cynicism of Hollywood’ [article], posted 25 June 2013, updated 18 December 2014, 24 February 2015.

‘The Gold Ring Scam – How Not to Do It’ [article], posted 28 June 2013.

‘Ivor Mills and the British Telecom Tower Logo’ [article], posted 1 July 2013.

‘Releasing Wadjda’ [review of Wadjda], posted 11 July 2013.

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‘Fatality in Fleet Street, by Christopher St John Sprigg’ [book review], posted 8 September 2013.

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‘On Seeing a Dead Badger by the Road’ [short article], posted 30 September 2013.

‘Life and Death in Gravity’ [film review], posted 31 October 2013.

‘Preserving the Archives of Psychical Research’ [article], posted 22 November 2013, updated 26 May 2014, 25 July 2015.

‘Vehicle 19: Paul Walker Gets to Drive’ [film review], posted 2 January 2014.

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‘The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes (Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war), Germany 1937’ [review], posted 6 January 2014.

‘Memories of Tony Benn’ [article], posted 14 March 2014.

‘Update on CaseBase and the Society for Psychical Research’s Buckmaster Bequest’ [article], posted 19 March 2014.

‘A Goodly Company: Ethel le Rossignol at The Horse Hospital’ [exhibition review], posted 25 March 2014.

‘“SPR announces Buckmaster Legacy”’ [article], posted 26 March 2014.

‘Memories of seeing The Exorcist, 1974’ [article], posted 2 April 2014.

‘A symposium on Gef, the Talking Mongoose’ [article], posted 13 April 2014.

‘The Time Machine, Adapted and performed by Robert Lloyd Parry’ [theatre review], posted 28 May 2014.

‘The Ghost Hunters, by Neil Spring’ [book review], posted 25 June 2014, updated 14 July 2015, 30 August 2015, 3 December 2015, 15 January 2026.

‘Preserving the Historical Collections of Parapsychology: International Conference, Utrecht, 12-14 June 2014’ [conference report], posted 4 July 2014.  A shortened version was published in Spanish as ‘Reporte de la Conferencia Internacional Para la Preservación de Colecciones Históricas en Parapsicología’, in the Instituto de Psicología Paranormal’s e-Boletín Psi. Vol.9, No.3, Septiembre 2014.

‘Conversations with Spirits, by E. O. Higgins’ [book review], posted 25 July 2014.

‘Asylum: Inside the Pauper Lunatic Asylums, by Mark Davis’ [book review], posted 5 August 2014.

‘Alice Johnson, Eric Dingwall, and their copy of Tertium Quid’ [short article], posted 19 August 2014.

‘Helen Allingham’s illustrations in the Cornhill Magazine serialisation of Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd’ [article], posted 29 August, 2014.

‘Fairy Story Elements in Jane Eyre’ [article], posted 8 September 2014.

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‘Primrose: Early Russian Colour Photography’ [exhibition review], posted 23 September 2014.

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‘The Seventh Annual Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film, 2014’ [article], posted 10 November 2014.

‘On discovering that I have a RationalWiki entry’ [article], posted 30 January 2015, updated 9 February 2015.

‘Lines in the Ice: Seeking the Northwest Passage’ [article], posted 12 February 2015.

‘A visit to Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen, Belgium’ [article], posted 17 March 2015.

‘Books Lost; Books Regained’ [article], posted 19 March 2015.

‘Why I do not intend to leave money to the Society for Psychical Research’ [article], posted 26 March 2015.

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     and C. J. Romer,‘”The SPR and ASSAP: Time to Merge?” by Tom Ruffles and C J Romer’ [article], posted 10 October 2015, updated 21 October 2015..

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‘Wikipedia and its Prejudices: A Recent Example’ [article], posted 29 March 2016.

‘From Maidan to Netflix: Evgeny Afineevsky’s Winter on Fire’ [article], posted 18 April 2016.

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‘“The Camera Exposed” at the V&A’ [exhibition review], posted 8 August 2016.

‘Stereoscopy: an Introduction to Victorian Stereo Photography’ [course review], posted 15 August 2016.

‘Encounters with the Spirit World’ [exhibition review], posted 23 August 2016.

‘The new Society for Psychical Research website’ [short article], posted 6 September 2016.

‘The Society for Psychical Research’s new Psi Encyclopedia’ [short article], posted 8 September 2016.

‘Black Chronicles: Photographic Portraits 1862-1948’ [exhibition review], posted 26 September 2016.

‘Tony Cornell and the SPIDERs from Cambridge’ [article], posted 13 October 2016, updated 10 November 2016.

‘The Society for Psychical Research in the exhibition of Curious Objects’ [exhibition review], posted 11 November 2016.

‘The Ninth Annual Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film, November 2016’ [article], posted 15 November 2016.

‘The death of Felix Dzerzhinsky’ [lecture review], posted 18 November 2016, updated 18 September 2017, 26 May 2018.

‘The Society for Psychical Research's fundraising appeal’ [article], posted 23 November 2016.

‘Juergen Teller selects Robert Mapplethorpe’ [exhibition review], posted 4 December 2016.

‘Victorian Entertainments: There Will Be Fun’ [exhibition review], posted 7 December 2016.

‘Are you gay?  If so, apparently there’s good chance you are possessed by a ghost’ [article], posted 9 December 2016.

‘Harry Lockhart’s psychic dream’ [article], posted 14 December 2016.

‘To Walk Invisible – brief thoughts’ [article], posted 30 December 2016.

‘ABC Cinemas – gone but not forgotten’ [article], posted 5 January 2017.

‘“A Century of Photography, 1840-1940” at the National Portrait Gallery’ [exhibition review], posted 14 February 2017.

‘Of Devils and Darkness: Kaunas, Lithuania’ [short article], posted 25 February 2017.

‘Cerys Matthews’ Succulent Sunday Roast’ [short article], posted 12 March 2017.

‘Change to SPR social media presence’ [short article], posted 17 March 2017.

‘The SPR’s photography competition’ [short article], posted 23 March 2017.

‘George Harry Ruffels – 11 April 1917’ [article], posted 11 April 2017.

‘Changes to the SPR logo’ [short article], posted 12 April 2017.

‘Photography exhibitions by Jan Kempenaers and Christopher Nunn’ [exhibition review], posted 17 May 2017.

‘I love that dirty water’ [short article], posted 3 July 2017, updated 5 February 2018.

‘Spirit photographs under the hammer’ [short article], posted 18 July 2017.

‘A visit to the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum’ [short article], posted 24 July 2017.

‘Harry Lockhart the phrenologist’ [short article], posted 4 October 2017.

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