Non-writing, including Photography


la double vie 2: the short film (d. Atta Chui, 2005): co-producer, crew

La Double Vie (d. Atta Chui, 2006): co-producer, crew


Boudicca’s Last Battle, Princess Theatre Club, Hunstanton Festival of Arts Adjudicated Drama, 2001 (extra)

Dick Whittington, King’s Lynn Players, December 2001 – January 2002 (Mrs Woodspoon)

Interviews (conducted for Cambridge 209radio’s Bums on Seats film programme)


James Mackay, independent film producer

Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of Harold Lloyd

Tim Doiron and April Mullen, directors of Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser


Robert Guédiguian, director of The Army of Crime

Gareth Jones, director of Desire

Broadcast media

Many radio appearances, including occasional newspaper reviewer on BBC Radio Norfolk’s breakfast programme 1998-2001, book reviewer on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 2003-4, regular film reviewer on Cambridge Radio209, 2006-2009 and Radio Network Europe, 2008.

Photography [excluding photographs used to accompany my own blog posts]

‘Quite a Mouthful.’, Fortean Times, No. 138, September 2000, p. 51 [plaque of fish swallowing man at Lavenham].

‘Tracking Progress’, Cambridge Evening News, 9 February 2007, p. 23 [old railway line at Histon prior to removal for construction of guided busway].

‘Water World’, Cambridge Evening News, 30 March 2007, p. 22 [frog sunning itself in garden pond].

‘Pictures from the Joint PA/SPR Conference, with photos by Barrie Colvin and Tom Ruffles’ [short 2008 conference report],, posted September 2008.

‘Study Day No. 56, 25 April 2009: Report by Tom Ruffles. Photographs by Tom Ruffles and Barrie Colvin [short study day report],, posted May 2009.

‘Report on SPR Conference, September 2009’ [short conference report],, posted October 2009.

‘Study Day 58: Poltergeist Outbreaks: Then and Now’ [study day report],, posted November 2009.

‘Erlendur Haraldsson to receive Myers Memorial Medal’ [unsigned news item],, posted April 2010.

‘Study Day 59: Healers and Healing’ [study day report],, posted April 2010.

‘Report on SPR Conference, September 2010’ [conference report by Tom Ruffles and Zofia Weaver],

‘The 34th International Conference, Sheffield, 10-12 September 2010’, The Paranormal Review, No. 57, January 2011, pp.16-21.

‘Study Day No. 60: Ordered Minds with Disordered Brains’. Report by Zofia Weaver, photographs by Tom Ruffles [short study day report], posted January 2011.

‘A Report on Study Day No. 60: Ordered Minds with Disordered Brains: From Evidence to Insight’, Paranormal Review, No. 58, April 2011, pp.21-24 [uncredited  photograph of speakers].

‘Tom Ruffles remembers the old HPL’ [Photographs of the Harry Price Library at Senate House, posted by Sarah Sparkes], July 2011.

‘Anabela speaking at the Study Day’, ITC Journal, No. 42, December 2011, p.26 [uncredited photograph of Anabela Cardoso accompanying article ‘The David Fontana Study Day’].

‘Talking with the Spirits: Discussions of Mediumship’, by Carlos Alvarado [uncredited photograph of Tamlyn Ryan from 2010 SPR conference report],, posted May 2014.

‘1980s Memories of a Library Assistant’ [Photograph of the Harry Price Library at Senate House, posted by Christopher Josiffe],, posted May 2014.

West Winch Common [City and Guilds 9231Certificate, Photography Project 1998-1999],, posted June 2015.

‘Presidentes del S.P.R. (con fotografĂ­as)’ [Photograph of Bernard Carr and Archie Roy taken at 2009 SPR conference at Nottingham, used in list of SPR Presidents with their photographs, illustrating Archie Roy’s 1993-5 presidency],, posted 18 December, 2015.

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